Jewel in the Palace

Jewel in the Palace, also known as Dae Jang Geum, is the first blockbuster among the historical series from Korea. Jewel preceded both Jumong and Yisan and achieved record breaking audiences during 2003-2004, when over 50% of Korean households would watch when airing. This series is arguably also the first successful historical feminist drama, retelling Jang Geum's rice to riches story during the Chosun Dynasty 500 years ago.

Jewel is the real story of Jang Geum, a young girl who, from a lower caste in a highly hierarchical and male dominated society, is the first woman to become the King's supreme royal physician. This story takes place during the Chosun Dynasty, and exemplifies the timeless qualities of hard work, endurance and "working the system". Behind her tragic and sad stories, her naiveté and childish eyes, lies a truly ambitious working girl with a 21st century mindset, with complete disregard for glass ceilings and social discrimination. See how Jang Geum goes from being a virtually abandoned child to getting a cooking position at the palace to losing the cooking position to studying medicine and becoming the King's doctor. It's 54 episodes of rooting for the underdog and, apart from a couple of tear jerking moments, a touching and feel-good story.


  • Young Lee
    Lee Young Ae as
    Suh Jang Geum
  • Jin Ji
    Ji Jin Hee as
    Min Jung Ho
  • Ri Hong
    Hong Ri Na as
    Choi Keum Young
  • Ho Im
    Im Ho as
    King Joong Jong
  • Mi Yang
    Yang Mi Kyung as
    Han Baek Young (Jang Geum's cooking teacher)
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Sweet Spy

A mix of hilarious, tongue-in-cheek comedy, well-crafted intrigue, and bittersweet romance, Sweet Spy delves into the inner workings of international espionage and police work. It boasts unusually high production values and a cast headed by Nam Sang Mi, star of 2007/2008 hits Time Between Dog and Wolf and Gourmet. Korean-American actor Dennis Oh co-stars as an international spy, adding a refreshingly cross-cultural note by speaking almost solely in English.

After her policeman husband dies in a mysterious car crash, Lee Sun-ae(Nam Sang Mi) joins the police force in his stead, where her tough, ball-busting tactics and dedication to justice put her constantly at odds with her more politically correct colleagues. When she pulls over a stranger (Dennis Oh as Han Yoo Il) on a routine traffic violation one day, she has no idea that he is in fact an international agent recently arrived in Korea for a top-secret mission. Her action sets in motion a train of events which pulls her into the dangerous and dizzying world of international espionage. Meanwhile, her new station chief, the cold and mysterious Kang Joon (Lee Joo Hyun) re-opens for reasons of his own the case involving her husband's death...Politics, intrigue, and Sun Ae's personal life collide in this fast-paced, well-developed comedy/thriller.


  • Sang Nam
    Nam Sang Mi as
    Lee Soon Ae
  • Dennis Oh
    Oh Dennis as
    Han Yoo Il
  • Joo Lee
    Lee Joo Hyun as
    Kang Joon (new captain)
  • Sun Yoo
    Yoo Sun as
    Park Eun Joo (Officer)
  • Bool Choi
    Choi Bool Am as
    Choi Bum Koo
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Couple or Trouble

Based on the famous 1987 Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell flick Overboard, Couple or Trouble is a bubbly, funny, delightful drama about a rich heiress who gets amnesia and wakes up to find herself the wife of a poor handyman. Oh Ji Ho (Super Rookie, Queen of Housewives) and Han Ye Seul (Nine-Tailed Fox, Tazza) won the Best Couple and Popularity Awards at the MBC Drama Awards for their performances in this hit 2006 drama.

When Anna Jo (Han Ye Seul), a rich, feisty heiress, returns to Korea from America and goes on a cruise with her cowed husband, she doesn't forget to bring her attitude with her. When her yacht breaks down and she hires local handyman Jang Chul Soo to fix her shower, she becomes rapidly dissatisfied with him, and the two get in a battle royale which ends with her pushing him overboard and throwing his tools after him. Fate has a plan for her, however, because that same evening she gets in a fight with her husband and while attempting to salvage the wedding ring which she impulsively throws away, she herself falls overboard. She wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory and a man beside her claiming to be her husband. The man is none other than Chul Soo, who has concocted a cunning plan of revenge on the woman who insulted him, and informs her that she is Na Sang Shil, his wife, and that she must come home with him. At a loss, Anna Jo goes home with him and soon finds herself cooking, cleaning, and doing all sorts of things she's never had to do. Now, the spoiled heiress just might have met her match in the hot-tempered plumber, but the real question is, will they find happily ever after? And what will happen when Anna gets her memory back and discovers her true identity?


  • Ye Han
    Han Ye Seul as
    Anna Jo and Na Sang Shil
  • Ji Oh
    Oh Ji Ho as
    Jang Chul Soo
  • Sung Kim
    Kim Sung Min as
    Billy Park
  • Han Park
    Park Han Byul as
    Oh Yoo Kyung
  • Kwang Kim
    Kim Kwang Kyu as
    Gong Sil Jang (Anna Jo's assistant)
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New Heart

Ji Sung (Save the Last Dance for Me, Swallow the Sun), Kim Min Jung (Fashion 70's), and Lee Ji Hoon (Hello! Miss) head this hit medical drama, whose ratings soared over the course of its broadcast to hit over 30% from an already solid 20% at its beginnings. With a compelling storyline and good acting, it's an electric story of romance and competition carried out amidst the demands of the operating table and saving lives.

Cardiac surgery is one of the most demanding and difficult forms of surgery, but it also pays very little, meaning that few doctors pursue this branch of medicine. So when Lee Eun Seung (Ji Sung) and Nam Hye Suk (Kim Min Jung) are the only applicants to apply for residency at Hwang Hee University Hospital after Dr. Choi Kang Gook (Jo Jae Hyun) becomes the new head of Cardiovascular Surgery, he is forced to accept them in spite of initial reluctance. Eun Seung, growing up an orphan, has always dreamed of becoming a great cardiac specialist, but as a recent graduate of a small-town med school in the southern province, his skills are basic. Hye Suk, on the other hand, graduated from Hwang Hee's elite medical school with top marks, but possesses a high-maintenance, inflexible personality. Dr. Choi, a genius with little patience for incompetence, hospital politics, or high-maintenance surgeons, likes neither of them, but is forced to accept them anyway, and soon all three are at loggerheads within the department. Gradually, however, as they work together, a mutual respect dawns, and Eun Seung, who spends his free time sewing teddy bears to improve his dexterity for surgery, begins to be attracted to stiff, beautiful surgeon Hye Suk. Things are about to get shaken up however as a new patient enters, famous actor Lee Dong Gwon(Lee Ji Hoon), who knew Hye Suk in elementary school and sets about rekindling his relationship with her.


  • Jae Jo
    Jo Jae Hyun as
    Choi Kang Gook
  • Sung Ji
    Ji Sung as
    Lee Eun Sung
  • Min Kim
    Kim Min Jung as
    Nam Hye Suk
  • Ji Lee
    Lee Ji Hoon as
    Lee Dong Gwon
  • Dong Sung
    Sung Dong Il as
    Lee Seung Jae
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H.I.T. (Homicide Investigation Team) starring Ko Hyun Jung is a fast-paced murder investigation story with lots of twists and a bit of romance thrown in the mix. It was pretty popular in Korean in 2007 and we think you will also find it enjoyable. If you are a K-drama fanatic, you may recall that Ko Hyun Jung starred in the megahit 90’s series Sandglass. H.I.T. was established to investigate the case of a serial killer. The other four members were assigned from different precincts and when they first started, they all have their own ulterior motives and none of them was comfortable with working as a team or trusted each other. Added to the mix, a rookie prosecutor Kim Jae Yoon was sent by the District Attorney's Office to keep an eye on the police's work. This drama depicts how cases were solved and how the members evolved into really working as a team.


  • Hyun Ko
    Ko Hyun Jung as
    Cha Soo Kyung
  • Jung Ha
    Ha Jung Woo as
    Kim Jae Yoon
  • Jung Kim
    Kim Jung Min as
    Kim Young Doo
  • Ji Yoon
    Yoon Ji Min as
    Jung In Hee
  • Hyun Son
    Son Hyun Joo as
    Jo Gyu Won (Superintendent, Soo Kyung's superior)
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Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic

Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic is a light-hearted social satire on the world of plastic surgery and the medical staff behind it. Lee Jin Wook of Powerful Opponents and Air City takes on the role of Han Geon Soo, the young owner of a struggling plastic surgery clinic. He tries to keep it from being taken over by loan sharks after his father suddenly dies and leaves him with a mountain of debts.

In order to so, he enlists the help of Choi Yong Woo, a brilliant, short-tempered surgeon played by Kim Sung Min, who owes a debt of thanks to Geon Soo's father. Unfortunately Choi Yong Woo often gets into arguments with clients instead of helping them. So Yi Hyun (Swallow the Sun) is beautiful nurse Hong Ki Nam, who is torn between the two men when they both fall in love with her. Jung Ae Yun plays the clinic manager who attained her perfect beauty through plastic surgery. Centering around a sensitive topic which is a distinct reality in modern-day Korea, Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic is a comedic romp through the backstories, afterlives, and inner workings of a plastic surgery clinic that is sure to be enjoyed.


  • Jin Lee
    Lee Jin Wook as
    Han Geon Soo
  • Yi So
    So Yi Hyun as
    Hong Ki Nam
  • Sung Kim
    Kim Sung Min as
    Choi Yong Woo
  • Ae Jung
    Jung Ae Yun as
    Yoon Seo Jin
  • Ji Hong
    Hong Ji Min as
    Yang Jung Soon
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La Dolce Vita

Starring Lee Dong-Wook (My Girl, Partner), Oh Yun Soo (Jumong), and Park Si Yeon (A Man's Story), La Dolce Vita is a high-octane, dark melodrama about what happens when passions spin out of control. Part mystery, part tale of a series of adulterous relationships, it rapidly achieved cult-favorite status with its superb acting, unusual storyline and occasional noir-ish touches.

In the opening scene, a man(Lee Dong-Wook) plunges to his death from a high-rise luxury apartment complex. Retired detective Park Byeong-shik, called in to investigate the apparent suicide, realizes that this man, Lee Joon Soo is a fugitive he'd pursued for years before leaving the force. As he begins to investigate what led up to this night, we flashback six months to where it all began...Yoon Hye-Jin(Oh Yun Soo) and Ha Dong Won(Jung Bo Suk) are an unhappily married couple. When Hye-Jin discovers that her husband is having an affair with young, beautiful fashionista Hong Da Ae(Park Si Yeon), she leaves on vacation to get some space and time to think about it. Fleeing to Japan, she soon attracts the attention of handsome, mysterious Lee Joon Soo, who is drawn to her beauty and loneliness, and the two embark on an intense three-day fling. Returning to Korea, Hye-Jin expects never to see Joon Soo again. But what she doesn't realize is that the woman her husband was seeing, Da Ae, is Joon Soo's ex-girlfriend, and soon the fates of the four individuals are hopelessly entangled...


  • Yun Oh
    Oh Yun Soo as
    Yoon Hye Jin
  • Dong Lee
    Lee Dong Wook as
    Lee Joon Soo
  • Bo Jung
    Jung Bo Suk as
    Ha Dong Won
  • Si Park
    Park Si Yeon as
    Hong Da Ae
  • Gyu Jung
    Jung Gyu Woon as
    Kang Sung Goo
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Goong S

A remake/sequel of sorts to Goong, one of the most popular Korean dramas of all time, Goong S is a delightfully entertaining rags-to-riches story, in which this time around the Cinderella is male and played by music superstar Se7en.

In an alternate Korea, the country is ruled by a monarchy that has been in place for generations and has a strict line of lineage to inherit the throne. The monarchy runs into a problem, however, when the current prince dies, leaving only a 31-year old unmarried Empress in the royal family and no successor to take over the throne. When the family begins investigating their bloodlines, looking for anyone to place in the position of heir, they find Lee Hoo (Se7en), whose mother fled the palace years before when she found out she was pregnant by the prince. Lee Hoo, completely unaware of his true birth, is a delivery boy at a Chinese restaurant, and has grown up as a loud-mouthed, carefree commoner. Now, he is plucked out of his life and installed in the palace, in training to become the next prince.

Yang Soon Ae (Heo Yi Jae), meanwhile, is a girl who has grown up with him and been friends with him his whole life, who becomes a lowly palace attendant after he moves in to the palace as a prince. In order to overcome the obstacle of his background and vindicate his mother's memory, Lee Hoo will have to contend not just with Lee Joon (Kang Doo), the other rival for the throne, who has grown up in the palace with all its royal training, but also with his feelings for his childhood friend Soon Ae. It's a royal game of love, politics, and fairy-tales-come-to life in this charming, high-budget prince epic.


  • Dong Choi
    Choi Dong Wook (aka Se7en) as
    Lee Hoo / Kang Hoo
  • Yi Huh
    Huh Yi Jae as
    Yang Soon Ae
  • Doo Kang
    Kang Doo as
    Lee Joon
  • Shin Park
    Park Shin Hye as
    Shin Sae Ryung
  • Se Myung
    Myung Se Bin as
    the Queen
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90 Days, Time to Love

A bittersweet, epic tale of star-crossed romance, 90 Days, Time to Love is the story of two people who find the courage to love each other only in the face of death.

At thirty years of age, Ji Seuk (Kang Ji Hwan) is diagnosed with terminal cancer. With only three months to live, he must choose how he wishes to spend his days, and leaving behind his wife, he goes in search of his soulmate and the woman he's secretly loved for years -- his cousin, Mi Yeon (Kim Ha Neul). The two fell in love many years before and share a powerful bond that spans time and distance. Unable to act on their feelings because of the societal ban, they went their separate ways and married other people. Now, with only ninety days left, Ji Seuk will do anything to spend them with Mi Yeon, and two fight for this precious time together in the face of their family and society. Director Oh Jong Rok reunites with Kim Ha Neul for their third drama together in this beautiful story of forbidden love, with superstar Kang Ji Hwan (Hong Gil Dong, Be Strong Geum-Soon) co-starring.


  • Ha Kim
    Kim Ha Neul as
    Go Mi Yeon
  • Ji Kang
    Kang Ji Hwan as
    Hyun Ji Seok
  • Hye Jung
    Jung Hye Young as
    Park Jung Ran
  • Hee Yoon
    Yoon Hee Suk as
    Kim Tae Hun
  • Hyung Kim
    Kim Hyung Bum as
    Park Duk Goo
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